In 2015 Mimo Garcia invented the formula „Field for answers“ – a show that aims to motivate people to be inquisitive and constantly search for answers. Answers to important questions about themselves.

The producer of the newly created format is Polly Midzinova, who previously also produced „Nasalevtsi: Poor Against Rich“ – Mimo Garcia’s debut film.

Mimo Garcia, creator and host of „Field for answers and Polly Midzinova, producer and screenwriter of „Field for answers“ (2016)

Mimo Garcia becomes the host of the show, and he is joined by Ruska Zidarova, who starred in his film „Nasalevtsi: Poor Against Rich“.

After the second episode of the first season of „Field for answers“, Ruska Zidarova was replaced by Ivelina Yanakieva and Gergana Tsvetanova Todorova.

Mimo Garcia, creator and host of „Field for answers, Ivelina Yanakieva, host of „Field for answers (on the right of the picture) and Gergana Tsvetanova Todorova, host of „Field for answers“ (2015)

At the end of 2016, Yanakieva and Todorova were released from the team of the show. The second season continues with only one presenter – Mimo Garcia.

Although it was announced in April 2017 that the show would have a third season in the fall, this is not happening. „Field for answers“ has been canceled because Polly Midzinova, the producer, has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.